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Medical Insurance in UAE?

Life Insurance is “future proofing” for your family and assures peace of mind! We can often take things for granted, such as thinking we’ll be around long enough to care for all our family’s needs and secure their future. But life doesn’t always live to our expectations, does it? So why not invest and ensure your family is well provided for in case things took a turn for the worse? Life Insurance can become your greatest investment.

What dose Life Insurance cover?

Cover will vary according to the policy type but typically life insurance will cover risks such as death and disability. Depending on the additional benefits you choose to include, cover may also be provided for benefits payable in your lifetime (such as critical illness) or include a saving element. The good news is that many life insurance policies are customizable: allowing you to personalize the coverage to meet your individual needs.

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What type of Life Insurance do I need?

We all have different attitudes when it comes to risks and how much we are willing to pay to protect against them, so we can’t answer this question categorically. However, if we were to consider the main risk, which is death benefit, you have two clear options: term life insurance and whole of life plans. Let’s explore these a little further:

Term Assurance:

With a term assurance policy, you are covered for a period between 5 to 35 years, depending on the tenure you choose. These policies don’t have a saving/investing element and offer monthly or yearly premium payment throughout the term of the policy.

Whole Of Life:

These policies are valid throughout the lifetime of the insured person. Most offer either monthly or annual premium payments, and unlike term assurance policies they often have a saving/investment element.
Both are widely available in the UAE and all leading insurers have reputable, reliable products. At we have access to a wide range of policies and can therefore help you make the decision that is right for you.

What is not covered under your Life Insurance?

An insurance policy is designed to cover “relevant risks” and life insurances are no exception. Whilst life insurance policies seek to protect you as much as possible, some scenarios may lead the insurance company to deny paying your claim to the beneficiaries. Typical examples include:

Suicide as the cause of death:

If the cause of your death was proved to be suicide, the insurance company may refuse to pay out the death benefit to your beneficiaries.


If you omitted to tell the insurer an important fact when taking out the insurance, the company may decide to refuse your claim. Examples of this include deliberately withholding information about a pre-existing medical condition, giving the incorrect age or falsifying information about family medical history.

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